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Cuplé is an online store that understands the modern woman, so we put at your disposal from blouses for parties and events to tops to show off your figure during the summer, all totally fashionable and in tune with your style.

Latest trends 2018 in women's shirts and blouses

As we know that it is important to choose the right blouse or shirt for any occasion you should know that the latest trends 2018 include long, plaid and printed shirts.

As for party blouses, fashion indicates that you should opt for somewhat transparent blouses, which you can accompany with a top if you feel a little uncomfortable.

In a matter of colors of elegant blouses for party you should prefer white, but if yours is to look a little more striking you can buy any of the red, yellow, white or blue blouses that we have for you.

Another trend this year is to wear long blouses, especially during spring. And if you want to look much more modern consider buying this type of blouses with bare shoulders or with only one bare shoulder.

And during the summer you can not stop using tops and crop-tops along with tight shorts, they are definitely a promising style during this season, especially unicolor tops or long sleeves.

Recommendations for buying the perfect blouse

If you are one of the women who like frilly blouses we recommend that the fabric you choose is light, such as silk, cotton or linen, in this way you can have greater mobility and stay fresh at all times.

The masculine style is fashionable, if you like this type of garments, this is your year.

The fashionable color of 2018 is ultra violet, keep that in mind when making a decision.

Do not hesitate to buy blouses or printed shirts as they are part of this year's fashion, especially oriental flower prints, brand logos and comic drawings.

Nice shirts and blouses in Cuplé

We can assure you that in Cuplé you will find that dress shirt you need so much, that fashion blouse you want to wear or that top that will make you look divine, whether you are more classic, romantic or extravagant, we definitely have what you are looking for.