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Find the latest fashion in Cuplé, we have for you from denim skirts to miniskirts and long party skirts, everything you need for any occasion in one place.

Trends in skirts

As usual, leather skirts are still part of the latest trends. And nothing can combine more elegance and rebellious spirit at the same time as a fur skirt.

If you want to wear the latest trends we recommend you buy a pant skirt, pleated type or a midi skirt. There are different materials and colors.

This year do not be afraid to wear a tube skirt, a fringed skirt or ruffled, the unusual is also part of what marks a chic style.

Another of the promising trends for this year are abstract, floral and geometric drawings, especially highlighting those prints that give an optical illusion when walking or dancing. Although it is necessary to emphasize that if you opt for these options you should buy skirts that have "calm" base colors, such as white, pastel colors or very light gray.

Any of these skirts can be combined with a monochromatic turtleneck sweater or a blouse in light tones or pastel colors.

Trendy colors for skirts

If you are a woman who loves black and white looks then we have bad news, you will have to dilute the dark colors of your wardrobe with something bright if you want to be fashionable.

It is not about completely abandoning black, but as for short or long skirts you should add a little color and concentrate on textures.

Choosing the type of fabric is not so simple, but you can concentrate on leather skirts, dense fabric, opaque fabric or light chiffon.

And if you do not want to detach yourself from the black color then you should opt for a skirt with sequins or buttons especially if it is a shorter model.

Skirts for any occasion in Cuplé

Skirts are definitely an important part of the latest fashion trends, so you can not stop buying one for every occasion in our online store.