Sweatshirts and sweaters

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Women's sweaters are a basic garment of our wardrobes that we give a lot of use once autumn begins. They keep us warm and warm when the weather is untimely and they are also very comfortable to wear all day.

In Cuplé we know the feeling of not finding the garment you want, and that is why on our online page we have a wide selection of sweaters of all kinds so you can choose exactly the one that fits you. No matter what your taste, style or age, you are sure to find something that interests you.

Seasonal sweaters autumn - winter

For autumn you can find a knitted sweater, for example, white or beige, which you can combine with any type of pants and with good boots. Another more winter option are wool sweaters, for example white or gray, to wear even under a winter jacket. You can also opt for turtleneck sweaters, which ensure you get rid of colds and that you can wear different colors (including red, blue and green) that will combine perfectly with jeans and canvas sneakers.

When winter ends and spring approaches, the jerseys don't go away. You can find one with a turned or short neck; as well as cotton or fine knit sweaters, which will not give you as much heat, but will still warm enough so that you do not have to put more layers on top. For the spring style you can take a look at the basic women's sweaters, which can be found in different colors and are perfect to combine in all kinds of situations or events.

What types of jerseys can I find in Cuplé?

As for the style, everyone can have a hole in your wardrobe: wide, thin, basic or striped, all are perfect for urban style. You can try more daring jerseys, such as printed, with a message or with bright colors, such as orange or yellow. Another option is to opt for something more basic, such as a navy blue sweater, black, etc. Even whites are a good idea, as they won't give you as much heat when the sun rises. Another option is short sweaters, which you can combine with high-cut pants, or a long sweater that gives an elegant or hippie touch depending on the color and clothes you combine with.

What is clear is that the complicated thing about buying jerseys is choosing only one!