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Our current catalog of bags, purses and wallets is a real wonder! If you have already seen it you will be as confused or more than us when choosing the party bag, ceremony, wedding, event, diary ... Perfect for almost any occasion.

Of course, you will not leave empty-handed, but perhaps a little fuller than at first when you entered you thought ... Whichever one you choose, you will be right, since you will get quality and a product made in Spain.

Our bags: Large and small

Whatever type of bag you need, we have it: cloth bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, etc. Our selection of bags will not disappoint you at all. We have original and very fashionable bags that can be worn both for summer and winter and that will make the difference of any look you wear on that occasion.

We currently have two models of bags that are being carried a lot again. These are the round raffia shoulder bags. Raffia is a material that began to be worn many years ago and that spreads again, especially when making bags and shoes for the resistance of its material and for the comfort when using it, since it goes with everything, both more formal and informal looks.

If you are looking for a bag for day to day, resistant, that is fashionable during this season and that becomes a basic of your wardrobe, you can not miss this model of bag. Today we have them in two different colors: pink and black. It's up to you!

And if you are looking for a breakthrough bag, with which you will attract all eyes no matter what event you go, we recommend two models: the Coco Moss Bag, a super nice green color, handbag and very elegant; and also noteworthy, the combined Satchel model, black but with multiple colors on the lapel that closes. Very much for day to day, but with distinction and originality.

These are some of the many suggestions we could offer you... However, we trust in your good taste and distinction and whatever bag you choose, you will get a unique product.