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Did you know that clog shoes were used in the Netherlands to work in factories, farms, etc. in a comfortable way and without being cold? In the 70s and 80s they went to the world of fashion as the most modern footwear of the moment and now in the XXI century they return in countless different models sweeping and becoming one of the most demanded footwear . This type of footwear is being pigeonholed in a great essential within our shoemaker and is that the women's summer clogs for this season are and will always be a trend. Among our best-selling models you can find

Latest trends in women's clogs

The black suede studs model will be the perfect combination to be a cool girl. Dress clogs with metal studs for a very feminine and glamorous rock style, such as the model of vinyl and platinum strips, transparent shoes that are back in fashion. And is there anything sexier than showing a woman's foot?

For a very seventies style adapted to modern times. A few very original women's mules, the silver clogs with buckle will not go unnoticed in your wardrobe. If your color is black or white, crossed clogs with heels have become a trend this summer among the youngest.

If you are looking for height in your outfiit, the high suede clogs will be perfect for the occasion. With jeans they are perfect not only for summer but also for winter, simply ideal.

The carved suede model is the style of shoes of a lifetime to which we are accustomed. In cowhide and with golden studs as an ornament.

Brightness is also fashionable, not only for the night but also for the day. The glitter clogs are the perfect option to boast of brightness without stridency.

If you are looking for dress clogs, the fuchsia strip model may be the chosen one, with strips the most 'in' and even more in one of the star colors of this season, fuchsia. You will also see the Blucher undercut for all those lovers of Oxford shoes so fashionable at the moment but, in mule version. You won't find them anywhere else.

You already know that in Cuplé we love to go to the last, find out about the latest trends combining it with a finish and good comfort. If you want to buy comfortable and beautiful clogs Made in Spain and without shopping, access our online store. You will be surprised by the number of models available that we have in all sizes, from 36 to e 41. Discover our leather women's clogs from your home computer.