"Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world"

Marilyn Monroe - 1987

In 1987, the visionary founder of Cuplé, Toñi Pastor, had a dream: to open a shoe store that carried a Spanish name, in contrast to the predominant trend of using Italian and English names in Spain at that time.

Inspired by her close relationship with her grandmother and her admiration for the legendary actress Sara Montiel and her film "El Último Cuplé", Toñi began to become interested in the word "cuplé". This word, similar to the copla but with a spicy touch, powerfully caught his attention.


Toñi discovered a fascinating and valuable historical legacy: the cupletistas were the pioneers in singing in public in Spain and challenged the social conventions of their time. They were bold women who dared to smoke and show their ankles, breaking barriers and being true transgressors of their time.


Inspired by the strength and courage of these women, Toñi decided that her shoe store would bear the name "Cuplé" as a tribute to these visionaries of the past who challenged the social norms of their time, and to transmit their bold and revolutionary spirit to through unique and avant-garde fashion designs. With this name, the fashion brand became a tribute to the empowerment and authenticity of cupletistas, and symbolized a fusion of tradition and avant-garde in the world of fashion.


Over the years, Cuplé has maintained its essence and commitment to the history that bears its name. The brand has flourished in the fashion industry, offering unique and elegant designs that pay tribute to the essence of the cupletistas and their legacy of bravery and originality.



In fashion, shoes and accessories are inseparable. Each woman has her lifestyle and circumstances; and knows that boots, a bag, a wallet, a scarf or a dress can make a difference; a special day, an exciting story. CUPLÉ is for those moments; provides exclusive pieces that combine fashion, elegance, design, fashion and artisanal quality Made in Spain.


As one of the leading footwear manufacturers, CUPLÉ invests in innovation to adapt to the demands of its customers and franchisees. Each season it proposes collections of shoes, accessories and clothing inspired by fashion trends; It distinguishes and enhances the style of each woman with an excellent quality-price ratio.


CUPLÉ is synonymous with freshness and optimism. Each design tries to provoke positive feelings, small moments of happiness. Its essence reflects the woman with a young spirit, beautiful from morning to night, who walks confidently, elegant and dynamic.




Growing up surrounded by shoes, bags and accessories inevitably makes you feel passion and admiration for this wonderful world of fashion. All of its processes and value chain are fascinating, from the moment of inspiration and creation to implementation in stores and management of them.


Admiration for this sector leads you to want to delve deeper and learn more about it, to want to train and inform yourself. This is why Teresa Sánchez studied fashion in New York at FIT.


Starting in 2012, Teresa Sánchez joined CUPLÉ 100%, starting this same year with the launch of a new line of products for the brand, her own clothing line. It started with a capsule collection, but thanks to the success achieved, CUPLÉ creates complete fashion collections season after season. But his admiration for footwear and bags meant that in 2016 he took the reins in the creative direction of CUPLÉ.


Currently, Teresa develops the design and creative process of all Cuplé products, always having the help and advice of Toñi Pastor, indispensable and essential for the brand, and present in all CUPLÉ designs.